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  • Mood: Joy
Just making a list of requests to stay organized and not forget anyone who has requested.

chaoskirby12345 - Chaos Magic (Human version)
FreakRay - Link fighting Tirek
Scourge707 - Kara
HBPHeroMonster5 - Anti Clive about to attack
RiekachuThePony - Kultai Kettu
deejayaxel - DJ Axel
Blue-Lambda - Blue Lambda in army uniform
wistrom30andsonic - Skylar with accessories and socks
marceline123 - OC and Pearl from "Steven Universe"

Just so you guys know, I'm scheduling these sketch requests to be released every 2-5 days. I know I said I can do these sketches pretty much in a flash, but if I release a request the second I release it, then more people will ask for one, and the amount of requests will grow so fast. It will lead me to so much stress, which is kind of what happened to me when I was doing splash art requests (still not sure if I will do those again). So again, I will release a finished request every 2-5 days so I won't end up killing myself doing this. Well, back to drawing!

Wow, I suck. So sorry I wasn't posting anything in a while. I was working on finals for college, so I was trying to focus on that. So now that I have an ENTIRE MONTH OFF, I can focus on my own stuff again! So sorry for the delay, I'll try to get these things out as soon as possible. Plus, I'm gonna close the requests because I'll be doing some family stuff soon. Plus, I'm planning to bring something back...

...get hype...!


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Albert Joshua Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am just another regular guy who loves to draw, and makes music.
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Princess Luna (SILENCE!) by TheAljavis
Princess Luna (SILENCE!)
So, here's the prosecutor, Princess Luna! She will be the official prosecutor of "Elements of Justice"!

I've been thinking about having Trixie be prosecutor, just like in Turnabout Storm, but I feel that she doesn't have a reason to prosecute again (or at least I haven't thought of a reason yet). So I was thinking about who else would be a good prosecutor. I was playing Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies a week ago, and there's this prosecutor named Simon Blackquill. He's this scary prosecutor who is a convict who wears black. So then I tried thinking about who is scary in MLP. Then I thought of Princess Luna! I can see her scaring Phoenix while in court by using her well-known Canterlot voice. Maybe if she's angry enough, she'll morph into her Nightmare Moon form. So yeah, here you go!

SILENCE! owned by Capcom
Luna owned by Hasbro
Twilight Sparkle (OBJECTION!) by TheAljavis
Twilight Sparkle (OBJECTION!)
So this is another part of a poster I'm making for the poster I'm making. I've decided to call the series, "My Little Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice." (Thanks to sinful2 for the subtitle idea!)
I'm thinking about Twilight having the same kind of power of Athena Cykes, using analytical psychology in court. Considering Twilight is always reading about so many topics, I'm assuming Twilight has read about that. As for Sonata, I'm thinking about giving her the same power as Apollo Justice, the ability to perceive someone's nervous habit, since Sonata herself said in the Turnabout Storm series that she has a keen eye, and has the ability to perceive. These ideas are not 100%, but definitely considering it in the story. By the way, Apollo, Athena, and Trucy are in the story too. That'll be explained in the story.
Right now in the story itself, I'm just started writing the first investigation. I really can't wait until I finish the first case. By the way, the first case isn't too long, considering the first case in the Phoenix Wright games are relatively short.
I also decided on who would be the prosecutor in the series. That will be revealed the next time I upload something involving this series.
OBJECTION! owned by Capcom
Twilight Sparkle owned by Hasbro
Sonata (OBJECTION!) by TheAljavis
NO, NOT SONATA DUSK! Just Sonata. This character is from the Phoenix Wright/My Little Pony crossover series called, Turnabout Storm. She's basically the pony version of Mia Fey. She isn't a defense attorney in the crossover itself, but its implied she wants to become one. So I just made a drawing of her yelling, OBJECTION!! By the way, this is a PART of a poster I'm working on, so stay tuned as I upload more parts of the poster up to a point where I finish the actual full poster.
So there's this thing I'm working on, and I feel REALLY, REALLY, REALLY PASSIONATE about it! I'm working on a sequel to the Phoenix Wright/ My Little Pony crossover series, Turnabout Storm. There will be 3 or 4 cases on this sequel. As of right now, I'm writing the first case called, Turnabout Fashion. This will take place post-Season 4 of MLP and post-Dual Destinies in Ace Attorney. So I want this crossover to have a Dual Destinies kind of feel.
By the way, if you haven't seen Turnabout Storm yet, go here to get started!…
Kara (Request #6) by TheAljavis
Kara (Request #6)
Well, back again! So my stupid excuse this time is that I got sick for a few weeks, so I couldn't really do anything. So here I am again, trying to finish up the requests again! I promise this time I'll finish the other requests sooner!
OC owned by:
Halo Prime (Request #5) by TheAljavis
Halo Prime (Request #5)
Sorry for the delay. School and laziness got to me. Anyway here's another request!
OC owned by:

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