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  • Mood: Joy
Just making a list of requests to stay organized and not forget anyone who has requested.

chaoskirby12345 - Chaos Magic (Human version)
FreakRay - Link fighting Tirek
Scourge707 - Kara
HBPHeroMonster5 - Anti Clive about to attack
RiekachuThePony - Kultai Kettu
deejayaxel - DJ Axel
Blue-Lambda - Blue Lambda in army uniform
wistrom30andsonic - Skylar with accessories and socks
marceline123 - OC and Pearl from "Steven Universe"

Just so you guys know, I'm scheduling these sketch requests to be released every 2-5 days. I know I said I can do these sketches pretty much in a flash, but if I release a request the second I release it, then more people will ask for one, and the amount of requests will grow so fast. It will lead me to so much stress, which is kind of what happened to me when I was doing splash art requests (still not sure if I will do those again). So again, I will release a finished request every 2-5 days so I won't end up killing myself doing this. Well, back to drawing!

Wow, I suck. So sorry I wasn't posting anything in a while. I was working on finals for college, so I was trying to focus on that. So now that I have an ENTIRE MONTH OFF, I can focus on my own stuff again! So sorry for the delay, I'll try to get these things out as soon as possible. Plus, I'm gonna close the requests because I'll be doing some family stuff soon. Plus, I'm planning to bring something back...

...get hype...!


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Albert Joshua Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am just another regular guy who loves to draw, and makes music.
My Tumblr:


Equestrian Courtroom (1st Design) by TheAljavis
Equestrian Courtroom (1st Design)
So this is the new courtroom for the Elements of Justice series. It's just basically a wider and a more "Dual Destinies" kind of courtroom. It has some of the same elements of the original Ponyville Courtroom in Turnabout Storm. Note that this is a first design of it. I may add or take away some things in this redone courtroom. 
Original Courtroom:…
I don't know if I mentioned this, but in the series I'm planning to make, all the cases will be somehow connected, especially the last 2. You'll notice that ever since Phoenix came to Equestria, murders are just happening as time goes on, which is why he needs to stay in Equestria much longer than he did in Turnabout Storm. It makes you wonder, why murders being occurred more often? That is for you to figure out.
Prince Blueblood (Prosecutor Concepts) by TheAljavis
Prince Blueblood (Prosecutor Concepts)
So I've decided to have Prince Blueblood be the prosecutor in the first case in the series, Turnabout Fashion. He'll basically be the Winston Payne in the Elements of Justice series, as you can see Blueblood's gestures are very similar to Payne's. So I guess you can say Prince Blueblood is really............. a royal Payne! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH!
I'm a terrible person......
Anyway, I'm making the background art for all the places Phoenix and the others will go to. I'm even making a revamped version of the courtroom in Turnabout Storm! After all the artwork is done, I'll get started on the trailer for this, to help get word out on this series.

If any of you want to read the first draft of the story on the entire first case, go here ------>…
My Little Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice by TheAljavis
My Little Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice
So I did a thing. I kinda wanna officially show something that would say that I'm working on a fan project. This is the box art of an unlikely crossover story, Phoenix Wright and My Little Pony.
For those of you that don't know, I've been writing a sequel to the popular crossover series, Turnabout Storm, that puts Phoenix Wright and My Little Pony in one story. After Turnabout Storm, I've been yearning for a sequel, but the sequel never happened, considering the creator of Turnabout Storm stated she is not going to work on one. Being a huge fan of both franchises, I've decided to take matters into my own hands, and make a sequel of my own! 
The big thing that's different from Turnabout Storm is that the sequel I'm working on will have not just one, but 4-5 cases in the story. I want this sequel to feel like it's an actual game, not just a DLC case. Each case will become more difficult as the story progresses just like in the Phoenix Wright games. This series will take place post-season 4 (MLP) and post-Dual Destinies (Phoenix Wright).The first case is will be called, Turnabout Fashion. I have yet to start up on the other cases. I am currently in the writing process in the first case. 
As soon as I finish up the writing, I will begin on video editing. That's right! This will be a series on Youtube, just like Turnabout Storm! I'm gonna need voice actors once I finish the editing. By the way, once I get to the video editing, I'll make a trailer and upload it on Youtube.
With that being said, I'm off!

EDIT: I've finished all the rough drafts of Turnabout Fashion, so now I'm making plans for the trailer, and soon after, starting on Turnabout Crusaders, the second case in Elements of Justice!

Phoenix Wright owned by Capcom
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic owned by Hasbro
Turnabout Fashion (Pt. 3: Trial 1/2) [ROUGH] by TheAljavis
Turnabout Fashion (Pt. 3: Trial 1/2) [ROUGH]
So here you guys go, the first half of the first day of the trial.
Taking note again, that this is a rough, so things my change.
If there is anything that seems to be a problem in the story, don't hesitate to ask.

PART 2 -…
PART 4 -…

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